Gardening is my Grounding!

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I never liked gardening, even as a kid, I thought the weeds were painful and cutting of grass endless.

I realized that it was one of those mundane task that has to be done, someone’s gotta to do it, so I gardened from a young age.

My favourite part of gardening is definitely harvesting time, harvesting vegetables and fruit, which I love.

Willem has taught me so much about the Soil, how to create a garden, how to level it out, why levelling is essential. How to remove weeds and clear an area.

On Monday we cleared our garden and replanted our seedlings of baby spinach, beetroot, and peas.

We replanted our lavender, rosemary, origanum and bay leave tree.

When the bay leave tree went into the ground, I felt as if a part of me

Was placed in soil and grounded. Being grounded is such an essential part of being a spiritual being,

I feel more connected to the EARTH and feel I am supported, connected to Sky spirit.

There is much reward in growing, nurturing, and planting your own vegetables, its LOVING

your plants and making every conscious decision to be healthy and eat healthy for you.

Loving yourself enough to be aware of what goes into your mouth, what fuels you and what gives you strength.

I am enjoying this journey of Spring. Flowers are blooming, trees are growing fruit and there is an Abundance of magic in the Air.

Wishing you a happy grounded gardening day!


All my love

Colleen van Heerden


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