I remember . . . .


In the last 8 years of my life, as a practising massage therapist and Reiki master,

these are the accounts of Success stories I have experienced.

I feel life is filled with a balance, a dualistic life approached by many,

but in order to keep a positive attitude, mind set and focus, you need stories of HOPE.

Hope, faith, joy, perserverance and LOVE.

I remember the lawyer, I treated after a triple by-pass heart surgery who could hardly walk, but within 7 days of receiving massage,

counselling and reiki, he returned to work.

I remember the mother, who has 3 kids, the father was bi polar. He sexually abused his kids and even tried to freeze one kid in the freezer,

with reiki and healing, it helped this family heal their wounds and become part of a new family, after the divorce.

I remember the young lady who after 3 miscarriages was able to conceive a baby with Reiki and intense massages and counselling.

I remember the young mother who was not coping with her in laws and I offered to give her a Reiki Attunement

so she could become stronger. She no longer lives with her in laws and his taken a stand of Power and chose to do what makes her happy.

I remember the Detox programs of Massage and Reiki session held, that help heal the broken hearted and renew their spirit.

I remember the broken heart young lady who was attracted to the wrong kind of guy,

who later broke her heart but with reiki and massage, she was able to see the self-sabotaging events and

only choose to date stable guys, 2 years later, she is happily married.

I remember my cocaine addicted friends who used Reiki to sober up on a Sunday evening as they needed to work the next day.

I remember the man who couldn’t use his left arm for 2 years, as his rotator cuff was inflamed, after a session of massage and reiki, he could use his arm.

I remember the cancer patient, after receiving 3 months of Reiki was cancer free. She changed her life.  

I remember the 60 year man who broke his ankle when he went parachuting, after months of agony after the surgery,

he came for a repair massage  and was able to Move his foot freely after a session.

I remember assisting 15 mothers conceive with REIKI intentionally creating babies with LOVE and the babies are healthy, happy and free.

I remember teaching 44 students Reiki the exciting adventures of life, of journeying within and creating the LIFE they desire, to all happiness.

All things are possible when you ignite the LOVE within yourself, when you choose to heal and become whole.

In all of this, I believe I am a vessel of light to fulfil a purpose of helping others heal with massage and reiki.

Want a session? Whats app 084 603 0604, midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com


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