No one is unhappy when having an orgasm or 50?

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This week I have been pondering, analysing and re analysing what my view on self acceptance means to me.

It means I accept all of me. I accept that I have a flabby belly, I accept that I love myself unconditionally.

I accept that I don’t need to be thin to be awesome, amazing, fabulous, loving, kind or weird.

I accept that a big heart filled with love cannot be compared to “looking good”.

Society promotes looking good, trying everything from shocking machines to surgery to LOOK good.

For me, personally, I feel that weight loss like your sexual preference are your choice.

No one is unhappy when they had an orgasm or 50….

So, what is the big deal? I guess it is how people interact or your attitude towards you, we all want to be

Attractive, sexy, desired, loved, wanted physically, emotionally, intellectually!

I love the human body. I love that we have wonderful DNA to heal our bodies.

I love that we can climb mountains, eat chocolate, drink raw juices and smoothies and be Healthy,

And enjoy every part of our sexuality and freedom to be ourselves.

I have found that a balance of life is having the good and healthy stuff and the ‘bad’ stuff within moderation.

Swinging from any extreme isn’t healthy, it is obsessive.

We live in this world which promotes instant desires pleased, people choose to be impatient, rude and unhelpful!

This I feel is a male driven energy of Fear, Anger and Anxiety.

People are crashing and burning out physically and emotionally, they are not finding the balance to nurture their spirit and life.

The treasures of LOVE, Rest, Joy, Fun, Knowledge are the wonders that feed our spirit.

BY nurturing YOURSELF WITH a massage or reiki session and you will loved and full of energy to do what you love.

The key is to Find your balance, your equilibrium.

The source of this is a deep LOVE for yourself, an Unconditional love …..

If you love it, keep doing it, if you dislike it, change it, but take 100% responsibility for your life and

Start LOVING every part of it. These are the Principles of Aloha : (use it as a guide)

BE spirit.

Be free.

Be aware.

Be gentle.

Be loving.

Be here.




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