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We all have a place of comfort from which we like to live our lives – our minds, our bodies or our spirits. It is our refuge, our protection against the disturbing unpredictability of a world so much bigger than ourselves. From these centres we often bring forth our greatest creations, but they also typically give birth to our deepest flaws. We need to walk the tightrope between heart, mind and body in order to live healthy fulfilling lives.

The mind brings objectivity and a sense of empathy to our lives. It helps us understand the bigger picture and our place in it. The body communicates our power. It is the channel through which we connect with and express our instinctual drives. ‘Go with your gut’ is the mantra of a body person. The heart centre makes sure we engage with those around us in relationships, and not get blinded by the quest for power or knowledge for their own sakes. All together all three make us human, make us participate in the world as strong individuals connected to our communities.

I’m a head person. It’s what makes me good at my job and it’s my first and primary route to interact with the world outside. I celebrate this about myself. But if I don’t manage to function as a whole, I’m working broken. When I neglect the physical and emotional aspects of my self, I start to lose touch with reality, drift about in dreams and forget how to love and live with joy. So how do I bring myself back into balance? My heart and body send up signal flares in the form of illness, joint pain, persistent anxiety or just general grumpiness. I know I should meditate, exercise, inhale the rich earth, sip at slow steamy cups of tea with friends over long unfurling afternoons…but how to start? Work, my favourite pasttimes (reading and writing) and my “run-away” tactics draw me so obligingly into the mental that sometimes I can’t see my way out. My sense of self has been squeezed into a corner into my mind with my body and heart waiting dejectedly outside. Apathy and anxiety tell me I don’t have time, I don’t feel like it or I can’t afford it. This is when I call for help. The bold move of setting aside quality time and money for body-spirit maintenance shouts out at that controlling head. ‘We need less planning, less past, less future – we need more now!’ In this endeavour Colleen at Midlands House of Healing* is a willing and talented aide. Her treatments combine physical therapy with energy healing. And two aspects of self covered in one session is just about the best a work-at-home mom could hope for.

Where does your personality sit – heart, body or mind? Do you see it as a strength or weakness? In what ways do you bring yourself into balance?

*This post was sponsored. Follow the link in the sidebar for more information on Midlands House of Healing or call Colleen on 084 603 0604 to book an appointment.



This week I visited Colleen of the Midlands House of Healing. This woman is a true healer. Even upon first meeting it’s easy to see it’s what makes her heart sing and her eyes come alive. She uses a combination of massage, essential oils, crystals, hot stones, reiki and sound therapy to nurture her clients to wellness. These treatments are powerful and many ancient, but it is her own intention and commitment which bring them their potency. Lying with my face suspended above Colleen’s stone collection, I felt realisations about my self and life settle heavy and sure in my mind, so reasonable and true I was surprised I ever forgot them.

All the things I think matter so much, in fact, don’t. 

There are emails I should send; there are rooms I should clear. There are government offices I should visit and holiday plans I should make. There are meals to plan and news to catch up on. There is my oeuvre of work I should build and grow into something impressive. There are clothes I should wear and body toning I should embark upon. But none of these things matter. Not as much as presence in each moment unfolding one after the other. As breaths deep and bold. As joy, today, now, because there will never be a better time.

I am important.

Those I care for are important. My daughter and my husband. My family and friends. My readers and my clients. But if they are important then so am I. What kind of caring can I do if I am not cared for myself? At times in my life I relied on regular yoga and meditation. But as the mother of a young one the importance of feeling nurtured and being embraced should not be underestimated. I pour myself into Emma’s growing. Her every encounter, with new sensations, people, and skills, are all mediated by me. It is an exhausting task. Without receiving replenishment of my body and soul I doubt it is something I could continue to manage. Colleen offers such nourishment so warmly and openly it seems she was born to it. Sometimes we all need a little help. And it’s more than ok to ask for it.

In what ways do you care for yourself? When and how do you say ‘I am important’?

Colleen is based just outside Howick on the Karkloof Rd. Call or message her on 084 6030604 to book a healing session.



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