Treating cancer with Reiki

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The disease of cancer originates from an emotional source in your body as per Diane Stein, in the book Essential Reiki.

The emotion is Deep resentment distrust, self pity and hopelessness.

In my experience as a reiki master, I treated a lady in Bethlehem who

was in an abusive relationship. Her partner, verbally abused her

and after his  death, her body could no longer hold these emotions.

She came to me for reiki and deep healing.

I advised her to Quit her job, to start a spiritual journey within herself.

If you have any stress in your life, quit your job and start doing what you Love.

If your diet consist of meat, change to a more fruit/vegetables, a more alkaline diet which

creates a dis-ease free environment.

If you love walking, go for long walks in the forest.

Start meditating and connecting more with Spirit.

Create a sacred space to Read and live a more holistic life, with NO stress.

Come for REIKI sessions with the benefit of removing the Cancer and reducing

the effects of the Cancer,  your body can heal itself.

Focusing on the ROOT cause of the DIS-ease, you will be able to heal faster.



One thought on “Treating cancer with Reiki

  1. I have found as a healer myself that regular bowel movements can heal so much. Most of society lives in constipation (bowel movement every 3 to 4 days) and holding those toxins causes the diseases. A nice liver/kidney cleanse can heal just about everything.

    God directs our steps if we ask for direction. He’ll lead us to the healing/healers/lifecoaches/etc.

    Great post…love it! Blessings, Emma


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