The journey of my life so far. . .

Vision board so far Sept 2015


The journey of my life so far….

 We have been at Phuzamoya for a entire month. Everyday has been amazing!
The sun rises behind our house and sets in our garden.

The forest are green and so is the ever growing grass.

We love this place and space, so much, so that we have just signed a 2 year lease.

The house fits us like a glove, it is perfect in every way.

I started looking at my vision board yesterday, I wanted to know how far I have come on this Journey of my life.
On the 11 August 2014 we acquired a projector.
On the 15 August 2014 acquired the fish on my visionboard.
On the 21 January 2015 we confirmed moving to Satori to build a house.
On the 21 July 2015 we confirmed moving to Phuzamoya.

On 24 August 2015 we moved in and received a Warm welcome from Sandy the farm Manager.

We have been blessed with delicious organic vegetables and eggs, from her garden ever since.

We are surrounded by nature. Trees, dam, mountains and birds. It is the most loving Divine space to be in.
(We have started our own garden! Yes…)

On our vision board, the kitchen is big and spacious and we have it, now…

In July 2015, I received sea sand, shells and volcanic rock from Hawaii, (thanks to Richie & Partner) from the island Oahu.

Hawaii for me holds great significance as my Reiki ancestors Mrs Takata and the Kahuna massage originates from there. It signified great change for me.

I am definitely doing more of what I love here, (as on my visionboard), In 3 weeks, I have had 43 treatments in total, which is pretty amazing! I am loving what I do.
I am loving my life and so enjoy helping others heal and continue on their journey!
I am grateful for the Satori experience and what I have learnt from it.

I am even more grateful for the Phuzamoya experience of gentle spirit, nurturing and Loving experience.

The biggest Lesson I have learnt is : Stay in your OWN skin! Be happy!

sing! Laugh! enjoy your life. . . . with LOVE!



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