Creating new life with REIKI : welcome Sebastian (baby no 13)

sebastian kim pregnant 3 kim pregnant 2 kim pregnant 1

I first met Kim over a 18 months ago, our journey started with REIKI.

She came for a REIKI session having read Keri’s blog :,

She was intrigued by it, and decided to give REIKI a try.

Kim had tried to conceive and experienced 3 miscarriages when I met her, she wanted to heal her body and prepare her spirit for new life.

Kim came for a treatment every 2/3 weeks for a Massage / reiki session this helped the old wounds heal.

We brought forth a deeper spirit awareness about Intention, LOVE, understanding and compassion for ONE-self.

We ignited with REIKi a deeper understanding within, a learning of Self LOVE.

Sebastian was created soon after, Kim was pregnant and for the next 9 months we prepared her body,

mind and spirit for his arrival. The baby Sebastian had a very female energy and I truly thought he was a girl, upon his arrival, we found he was a boy.

I have enjoyed this journey with Kim, assisting her on healing within, watching her

Grow and blossom into a beautiful mom, with a happy baby. She is flourishing

And Sebastian is happy, he smiles all the time and is so interactive.

He is filled with LOVE, we created him with LOVE, Reiki and intention, we nurtured, loved and cared for his

MOM throughout her pregnancy, so she could adapt to the new demands of motherhood.

No one truly realizes what a new mom has to adjust to, having a little baby completely dependant on you for every single moment.

A deeper learning of Self sacrifice and joy that comes from Motherhood. A gentle energy of nurturing, change and learning to flow with it.

I have truly enjoyed this journey! It was a wholesome journey of happiness.

Thank you Kim for allowing me to share your story! Bless you Sebastian, a little bit of magic you are.

I am in awe of this REIKI magic.




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