People need Love and Touch like they need Sunshine.




From the time I could talk, I  talked. 

I counselled, I gave advise to all, understanding people, at age 4.
I answered adult questions, I practised love, the kind of Love I knew within myself.
I read my Bible cover to cover by age 8.
I loved Church and freely went by myself, to Church on Sunday mornings.
I loved community, I loved serving and still do.
The naivety of “my inner world” sometimes left me feeling disappointed and ripped off by other humans,
who were not on my wave length.
The feelings of my own integrity and dignity, my higher instincts of Consciousness,
my own feelings towards others and life have taught me that Love is the Key.
The lack of Love and acceptance brings forth all kinds of wounds within mankind.
In the early nineties I was a Anc activist, I marched for freedom until my feet hurt, I toy-toyed and I dwelled among
the people in Gugulethu,and Mannenberg, fearlessly doing volunteer work for Gangster upliftment.
(My grandma didn’t like this)
I sat in a police cell, to try and Understand what would drive a person to crime.
A lack of LOVE, yes, but also they see PAIN as LOVE, as this is what they were
raised on, Pain, Anger, Rejection, Drama.
They lacked both self love and an integrated love from parents, family and community.
A young man not treated with love turns to friends for acceptance and approval, a sense of belonging.
Crime, drugs and adrenaline fills the void of unloving circumstances.
Going to church or synagogues or temples doesn’t make you know love,the love you seek resides inside you. 
A love that is connected to your heart,
A knowing of what you need and
Not being afraid to voice, act, live out your desires, called Freedom.
We are free. Free : we have free will and choice.
Choosing to be this way or that way. Choosing to heal or boldly holding onto wounds of anger, anxiety, fear and drama.
I luckily found Reiki in 2004 when my life was falling apart.
I found the art of massage in  2008, after being a novice for ever so long.
I believed people need TOUCH like sunshine, people need love, nurturing and wholeness.
Reiki and Massage has changed my life, from the Inside out.
I have made a difference in the Students, I have taught,
in the people I have helped. I recently met a lady who has moved to another country
after having had 1 Reiki session.
LOVE is a powerful force, it is accepting, loving, kind and gentle,
all of my treatments are filled with it and brings forth your
TRUE spirit!
Your Authentic Self.
Want to Change your Life and Vibration? Come for a session : massage or Reiki.
Start to learn Reiki or Massage or just start meditating, it will change your Life.
You can Contact me on : 084 603 0604 / email :

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