What to Expect when you Receive a Reiki Attunement?

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What to expect when you receive a Reiki Attunement as a Level 1 Practitioner.

Rei is the Universal energy of the Universe. It is the cosmic energy which resides in the Universe and ourselves.

KI is the energy in your body, in the Indian tradition, pronounced as CHI.

Reiki is an Art form of healing which is taught from master to student.

When you Receive a REIKI attunement, you become connected to your TRUE SPIRIT and TRUE Authentic self.

You basically have a clean slate, your KARMA is removed and you have  an opportunity to become a Great vessel of Healing.

You can then Reiki yourself and Others.

The training process is 6 weeks, and you are closely connected to your Teacher.

We work through any issue which arises and you learn first hand, how to HANDLE inner childhood issues, Adolescent and Adult issues.

Becoming a REIKI practitioner is your COMMITMENT to the UNIVERSE to assist yourself and Others

To Heal.

You learn to SERVE others with humility and reverence.

The 6 week process is intense, hard and so worth it.

At the end of your 6 weeks, you would have grown emotionally, psychically and learnt valuable life tools to continue your journey as a Healer.

Want to learn?

Whats app me 084 603 0604 or email me : midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com

I choose to only teach DEDICATED healers who have a passion for Healing and assisting others.



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