The chocolate criticism connection


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The chocolate-criticism connection from the BOOK : The highly intuitive people by Heidi Sawyer

For the Intuitive-sensitive, criticism brings up such a feeling of deep anxiety it not only impacts their feelings, it also impacts how they interact with FOOD. In my experience, those individuals who’ve had a particularly powerful early life experience around criticism – an overly critical parent, for example – will be strongly attracted to chocolate.

Why chocolate? Serotonin, the happy brain chemical that lowers the stress response, has long been A partner with chocolate.

From my own life experience, from an early age of 4 years old, I have been hooked on Cadbury’s chocolate. My grandmother having raised a total of 8 kids at the time, was highly critical but had a heart of gold. On one occasion in particular, was when I brought my report card home, having achieved a 80% pass rate, which I felt proud of. She sat me down and reprimanded me for not getting a 100% pass mark. I felt completely disappointed for the lack of acknowledgment and appreciation.

After this incident, I decided to protect myself and have a moderate pass rate and only do the minimum at school, so I could blend in, refrain from any stand out activities, to avoid confrontation and attention.

I am learning to express my feelings without Judging, blaming, assuming or taking it personally. I am learning to LOVE myself.

To address my Inner brat like rebellion, when I don’t have enough me time, when I fail to express what I feel instead of just conforming. I believe that by speaking my truth sooner rather than later, I avoid awkward arguments and confrontation with anyone.

If I speak up and share my feelings, my needs and desires, I take the responsibility upon myself to impart the information and not assume the other person “KNOWS” what I want or need.

This also prevents me from feeling resentment, anger and bitterness at a later stage.

I have also started practising more forgiveness with myself and others. I realize that we are on all on this soul spiritual place together. We walk a path of wanting to connect with SPIRIT more.

We are spirit and need one another to make sense of this world. To bring forth more love for ourselves, for our partners, for kids and for a better place to live out our soulful filled life.

I have been meeting more and more people who realize that nurturing and loving yourself and treating yourself well, makes LIFE an amazing adventure and journey.

Throw in good food, lotsa laughter and a JOY to embrace whatever life throws at you and you have a blessed LIFE, filled with LOVE!




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