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Oct 2015, 7 thus far (37) Oct 2015, 7 thus far (31)

It has been most exciting 50 days living at Phuzamoya. Sandy Wright the farm manager at Phuzamoya is awesome! She raises organic chickens who give the most delicious eggs,

her garden of 30 bunches of spinach and 15 bunches of kale is amazing! I happily eat from her garden knowing its organic and good for me.

Willem and I have started our garden. The spinach, beetroot, beans, lavender and peas have all started to grow. . . .

We have also attended Eidin Griffin’s Art exhibition in the Dargle. It was at the Crab Apple, a little chapel in the Dargle. It was cosy and sweet and the SUSHI was delicious, made by Erica. ( you can order from her :  0710310182)

We also attended a 60th Birthday party at Vic Shaw, our neighbour just down the road. A huge pig was on the SPIT braai, food, desserts, alcohol and socialising was the order of the day.

Willems exhibition is on SUNDAY! 18th October 2015, we are super excited. He has been spotted in the Witness, The Sunday times and local Dargle facebook. We are very excited as 500 invitations has been sent out, the word of Mouth has been spread!   The Tatham gallery has taken 20 of his Shattered view art pieces! I have been assisting with the marketing and spreading the Word.

We have been sending out energy and visualising for an amazing day and turn out! A sell out would be excellent also.

Me wise! Well! I have had 58 clients over the last month of September, this has been my best record ever! Since January. I am ecstatic to live in this space. I am happy. I am serving and I am growing me. I so enjoying being here, the happiness inside me is just bubbling over! JOY filled!

I requested a fire pit  and Sandy had it built in one week! I am will be hosting a FREE your spirit Womans workshop in NOVEMBER! To heal your emotions and deal with the inner you.

(If your interested : email me : midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com)

I am looking forward to this new journey of also Teaching REIKI and massage Soon soon.

I have been doing distance healing for many, to assist their bodies to heal faster and just to cope

With what life has dealt them.

From my side, I burnt my vision board, the vision of building a house needed letting go, now I am just being.

I am happy, that baby no 16 has been created, another few days and she will announce the baby’s new arrival.

I am so enjoying Jenna’s blog! www.ilovethemidlands.co.za and Claire’s blog about growing : www.growingfree.co.za   I am thankful for these amazing writers who can put pen to paper and write such magnificent stories about me.

In the end, we all have our story, I wanna make sure! That my story is going to be Adventurous,

How about you?


Oct 2015, 7 thus far (22)



Oct 10 (52)


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