Shattered Views : A Spiritual Journey

IMG-20151018-WA002 IMG_20151018_095709 IMG_20151018_111342 IMG_20151018_095657 IMG_20151018_113303


I always loved Art! I loved the TV program called ZEB on a Sunday Morning which had an

artist who drew and coloured in the picture, while story telling. I thought this was amazing, fabulous and such a talent to have.

I spent many of my Saturday mornings in the Cape Town Art gallery admiring the art, thinking about

the art works and enjoying absorbing the JOY of Creating.

Yesterday, we were blessed with an amazing day!  WP van Heerden hosted his first solo exhibition

at the Tatham Art Gallery. Each piece brought forth a deeper awareness of a story untold.

Each piece represents how we perceive things, how we digest what happens in our life

and how no 2 people will see the same artwork, the same.

A deeper conscious awakening of different lives, we all live, a journey of JOY, Laughter was shared

and a few tears were shed.  (mine)

A very proud moment for me / us.

Thank you to friends, family, colleagues, the Staff at the Tatham, the wonderful caterers, the security

and all the local newspapers.

To view the exhibition, please do visit the Tatham Art Gallery!   for enquiries : email : /  084 907 8744.



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