Embracing 40 . . .


IMG_20151016_093503 IMG_20151015_161922


I will be turning 40 in a few months time. I see the changes in my body,

the grey hairs that keep popping up in my hair, it starts to stand out

against my brown hair.

I hear the creaking of my bones when I go to the bathroom at night, I feel the popping of my ankles, neck, back and toes when I do yoga, I creak and  I have become noisy.

I started jogging again, not the fast pace jogging I used to do in my youth but the slow, I m becoming an older person pace. I don’t want to incur any injury upon this body, so I am forced to take it slow.

I feel the changes in my digestion, I am consciously aware of the amount of water, kombucha, green tea, rooibos tea and peppermint tea I drink during the day, it directly influences my metabolism and the excretion of waste.

I am aware of my nose that starts running when I ingest wheat, cheese, potatoes or gluten, this is so instantaneous.

What I am learning is things are happening faster in my body, whatever I put into it, it reacts faster.

No longer, can I afford to be neglectful of it.

My favourite pastime is rest. Rest in the sunshine. Rest when I reiki me, rest on my massage bed, Rest after my acupuncture treatment, Rest.

It takes me longer to recover, if I have overworked my body on some level, to bring forth my own balance.

I am realizing that turning 40 comes with more of a responsibility for myself.

40 : what have I achieved? What would I like to do still in my life?

I thought I would die young! Now, turning 40 is a big thing in my brain.

I don’t mind being OLD, I have always felt old. My friends have always been older people and this hasn’t changed. I have friends from age 40 to 83 and I guess I enjoy older people more.

Older people for me seem more together, they have lived, loved, enjoyed and just more relaxed with themselves. We can have deeper conversations of spirituality, that’s why I like Older people…

Turning 40, did freak me out, but writing this blog, has given me a sense of peace, that it is OK! To be 40. I have done all that I have chosen to do and done the best that I can…. Which is all we can do.



A deeper acceptance has just occurred, Thank you for your open hearts and ears, continuing to journey on within myself.





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