Loosing your Spiritual connection?

Connection to your Higher self or Spirit takes daily dedication.

In sharing this blog, I need to explain a few things.

Connecting to Your SPIRIT and a Spirit connection is NOT rocket science.

Your intention, action and vision for the day is created by YOU.

I wake up in the morning, I make myself a cup of rooibos tea and I do my morning prayers in hebrew, this activates a sense of aw to the Universe.

I do my Inner child meditation of envisioning myself and sending healing to all aspects of me and  to this present moment, using REIKI.

I then do Yoga, deep breathing and releasing of the old energy of yesterday.

By the time I go for my walk, I am warmed up, I am ready for a light jog and ready to view absorb and appreciate all of nature.

The view of the forest, the mountain, the dam, the green grass all inspire me. Mornings for me are the best time of the day!

Silence, Walking, Connecting more and more to Spirit is my GROUNDING method.

After my walk, I have a deeper awareness of myself and what is around me, I feel alive.

I perform an Kahuna Hawaiian ancient chant, connecting more to the Divine.

My body is my receptor to the spiritual world and my Inner voice guides me and leads me, so it is important that I connect with SPIRIT everyday.

I feel peace filled, at ease, and connected to the UNIVERSE.

Most people have lost their connection to SPIRIT. The world is mostly EGO/ Fear based driven.

Driven towards MONEY, Power, Acquiring.

This ignites stress, anger, fear, anxiety and a true imbalance. Breathing becomes harder and you start to feel anxious everyday.

Your body thus looses its connection to SPIRIT . . . . What now? 

Where to ? this is where I come into the picture :

I specialise in Repairing the Human body, not just the Physical aches, pains, spasm, destressing you….

but re iginiting SPIRIT and renewing your connection to YOU.

I feel we all need our connection to SPIRIT, we are spirit and need to embrace our Spiritual power

as to function better in this world.

Many people loose it, we are encouraged to Overwork, to over do and over give without

Paying much attention to ourselves, but if we start to treat ourselves with LOVE , this

Will not only change our Vibration but change the vibration of people we share love with.

Dr Emoto said the highest vibration is LOVE and Gratitude,

when we ignite the love within, everyone starts to feel it.

True Change is then only a step away!

A new Journey within you, begins.



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