Matric? 18? Pressured? Stressed? Choosing a path . . .

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Yes, I was 17 once. I had just matriculated and my certificate held the alphabet from A to G.

I excelled in what I loved which was numbers, biology, languages, typing, what I disliked, I didn’t pay much attention to.

I had chosen a path already at 17. I had no option, I needed to work and earn a living, I needed to become independent and financially sound.

My first job was in a Lingerie factory. The noise, people, instructions and discipline was foreign to me.

Clocking in and out, putting your hand up to go to the LOO, having a total of 5 minutes to wee, rest your legs and standing the entire day.

I couldn’t believe people did this for money. Money!

Sacrificing for survival, living and endurance. I kept to myself and made sure I found a administrative job with the use of my love for numbers.

It took me 3 months and I happily left….

Point is in matric, you know nothing. I will say it again. You know Nothing. You are young, you have been conditioned by Parents, teachers, friends, others.

You believe that it is good to study, get a job, earn a living, buy the House, buy the car, get a wife / partner, have kids. Sir Ken Robinson has a video on it,

on you tube, its called dangling of the CARROT.

You think you have arrived at YOUR destination : but what you receive is a DEBT = you owe on your house, you owe on your car, your owe on your credit card, you have made debt by signing on the DOTTED line. You sign away money that you don’t have…

..I calling it stealing from yourself.

I believe that when you 18 it is Imperative that you take a GAP year and go find YOURSELF.

Go find out what YOU LOVE? What makes you Happy? What will make you wake up at 5 am every morning, to do what You love!

If you have a CHOICE and means – go travel. Check out

Check out

Check out the eco friendly community in Hawaii , go adventure.

Follow YOUR heart and NOT your Head. Look at all the unhappy people around you, look at your parents? Look at peoples lives. . . . . LOOK.

I only took my gap year at 32 after working from the age of 17 to 32. What I learnt is you need to be free! I went to explore India, I learnt to drive a motorbike, I had parties, I danced, I lived. ….

I found out what and who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

My advice :

Don’t conform.

Say NO.

Take a gap year.

Learn to earn your own money.

Best of ALL don’t sign on the DOTTED line.

Do what You love.

Have fun and Be free.

Life is short and being YOUNG will pass you by so quickly, so Take back your LIFE and

Assume full responsibility for all of you.

We are living in time where instant gratification is the NORM.

Step back and realize its healthier to read a book.

Feel more.

Absorb less.

Be wise and Listen to the INNER voice inside you.

Speak up.

And Be YOU!


Plan of Action :  When writing exams …..

Wear hematite/ obsidian gemstones to keep you  focused.

Limit your time on the cell phone.

Limit time spent with friends, boyfriends/ girlfriends.

Refrain from speaking to anyone before the exams.

Ground yourself : imagine growing roots to the Earth, seal your aura in white light and a

Blue shield. Protect you.

Shy away from Drama = parents / pressure / decisions.

Focus only on the task at hand.

When you are seated in the exam room : say this prayer: I tap into the energy of the person who set the paper, guide me with gut feelings to answer correctly. When completed : sweep your aura with your hand and say thank you.

Learn to meditate. Breathe in and out, say Ha a a a a.

Take a gap year to figure our who and what you are.

Learn to say NO, shy away from People Pleasing.

Burn incense in your room.

Keep it neat and tidy.

Listen to music which soothes you.

Take snoozes often.







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