Ask. Wait. Receive. Give. = Trust in the Universe


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I have been very blessed since moving to Phuzamoya. I am learning that IMPULSIVE purchasing, or fear or anger based buying is not for me. Let me explain.

I viewed a Tibetan Gong at the Cosmic crystal shop, I loved the vibration and sound. I decided I definitely wanted it in my space and to assist with healing. It has taken me 3 months to pay it off, but I loved the Journey and the discipline it took to reach the success of having it free and clear of debt.

I am learning to ASK the UNIVERSE : Send energy : Wait : Receive : it is a natural flowing of energy to completion :

We were in need of a refrigerator, Sandy the farm manager had a small fridge at hand and

Happily offered it to us for the last 4 months. (thank you Sandy) Last week, we decided to start sourcing refrigerators, we were blessed with R1000 from Wp parents, that added to our savings, so we knew it was time to search, ask, look and gather information. Sandy is moving to a new place, so she asked if we would like to buy the fridge, and we said yes, as it was within our budget. (thank you)

When we just arrived at Phuzamoya, I decided to host movie evenings however, we only have a 2 x 2 seaters couches, we either needed another 3 seater or another armchair or 2. Barbra Zietsman has happily blessed us with a pink lazy boy which was sitting in her store room. Thank you Barbra and Universe.

We have been blessed with a toaster from Wendy Carruthers, thank you.

We have been blessed with a kettle from Arthur and Vicky Gobey and the most beautiful wall hanging from Cape Town, thank you. (Thank you for the additional standby toaster)

Today, Sandy Booysen arrived, I treated her 14 months ago,  her life has transformed and

She has been healed and is a practising healer since seeing me. She has blessed us with a oven,

To bake healthy breads in and create yummy delicious meals in. (thank you)

Thank you to Sharon for my awesome water dispenser.

Thank you to Isobel for the plants. Thank you to Isobella for the pot for the plants.

I am learning to ASK the Universe for whatever we need, then WAIT, then Receive, Be Grateful and give of myself, in whatever capacity it is : In terms of serving.

Thank you to all the amazing people I have on this journey :

There are so many magical people here who live with open hearts of Love.

Bless you and Thank you!





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