Delayed Gratification




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Last week I was offered a credit card (again) by Nedbank, I had to convince the lady why I didn’t need it. Saying NO! just didn’t answer her persistant nagging.

We live in a world filled with instant gratification, like 2 minute noodles, you take It out of the packet, microwave it for 2 minutes and bam its ready. You receive a non nutritive meal in 2 minutes filled with microwaves which have altered the food substance.   Instant yes, gratified yes, but healthy No.

I am starting to believe that the whole system of the world is designed to manipulate One.

They suggest, eat this and you ll be thin. Do that and you ll be happy, but true happiness comes with a disciplined life and a dedication to be happy.

I love saving money. I have just saved and paid off my new GONG, I negotiated with Cosmic Crystals and even though it took me 3 months to do it, I feel good. I feel debt free.

I feel that the Journey it took of discipline and choosing to save for it, was well worth it.

I am so enjoying my new gong. The sound instantly reboots your chakras and heals the body.

It has also made me realize that I used to be an impulsive buyer, compulsively buying this or that and I was wasting a lot of my own time by creating debt.

Being a free person, means you should be 100% responsible for what you create in your life, including creating debt.

Living with what you need and NOT what you Want, is really good for you. Sometimes not getting what you want, makes the silly craving go away.

A disciplined life, both in finances and rather saving for what you would like, that impulsively using credit which you do not own, will eventually create chaos.

By using credit, you sign away your freedom of being free and clear of debt.

I am not talking about buying things of value, like a House or Car, those are completely different topics. I am discussing the system of having credit and using it impulsively and the consequences thereof.

Society promotes inadequacy! You are actually beautiful with your clothes, with your hair, with your appearance as you are.

Credit doesn’t buy you what you seek, it drags you into a pit of debt which you don’t need.

So before you swipe the card, ask yourself ? Do I need it? Can I save for it? Am I prepared to wait for it?   If the answer is yes, save save save, you will enjoy the Journey more….and become more aware of money earned rational, than money spent impulsively and without awareness.

Welcome to Conscious living and spending.



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