Fix it. Fix me.

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I often hear the phrases of “fix me and fix it”.  These all relate to feeling PAIN or feeling out of sorts.

Society promotes instant gratification = Buy this – Get that!  Do this = Be that. It is a MALE dominant society which promotes

Fear, Anger, Worry   = Just look at the TV or Newspaper or even facebook.  It is everywhere.

Healing oneself on the other hand is a FEMALE energy. It is KIND, Loving, GENTLE,

it is a journey rather than a destination.

The next time you feel stressed :

Take a walk outside.

Read a Book.

Watch a Sunrise.

Do something nice for your Partner.

Play! Switch off your phone.

Fold the Laundry.

Walk in the garden and look at the vegetables.

Everything in nature has a time, a purpose, it is neither RUSHED or Stressed!

It flows with the greatest of ease and LOVE!   and so should you! 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the WORLD! control your WORLD inside of you.

All my LOVE






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