Overcoming an affair – Stepping forward…..

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Affairs happen. Lets lay blame with both parties equally. Imagine you have a partner but over the years, the sex dissipates, you feel lonely, you feel anxious and unloved.

Along comes this person who pays attention, who shares his or her emotions with you, you feel their pain for being unloved and you begin to open up as a Empath to them.

You begin to see this person as your support system, you share emotional and daily happenings within a day. This person becomes your friend, since your partner  has withdrawn, theres no harm to be have a friend. There is no physical contact, yet.

It begins with a HUG, a Kiss, a Touch, a word that compliments your dress, your smile, your look. Slowly, you become hooked on it, and even begin to fall inlove with this person. The act of having sex, is the least of the problems.

The problem started with your partner not being their for you.

The emotional, sexual, physical neglect = Ground is fertile for a affair.

I write this blog to bring awareness of how easily it does happen and how to overcome it.

  1. If you had an affair, be honest with your partner, your feelings, your reason, your logic. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, it just means you were distracted for a while.
  2. Forgive and Forget : This is the hard part of any mistake to truly forgive and forget : You need to let go, truly let go of the incident and let it not define your character.
  3. I’m sorry : Say I am sorry : make amends. Embark on a journey to heal you. This incident came from a space of neglect, lack of love, and an absorption of anothers energy.
  4. Start with a reiki session and explore your inner self : Inner child, Adolescent, Adult self
  5. Be Accountable!  not a victim : Divorce is the easy option. The harder option is to be accountable for your action. Saying I am sorry. Make amends, help your partner repair and heal. He may face depression, illness in this time, know that LOVE is the strongest FORCE and it can heal anyone, with an open heart.
  6. Do not JUDGE : Refrain from JUDGING, Judging is not loving or kind or gentle, it is a condemnation of separation which isn’t healthy.
  7. Both of you decide to not JUDGE, see it as an act, and move on.
  8. Healing : Embark on a healing journey for both of you. Start with REIKI and then embark on touch healing with Massage, learn about yourself and your body.
  9. Trust : When you betray a partner it is hard to fight through the walls of pain which are created. Start at the Beginning, make a decision to RECOMMIT to each other. Start to get to know each other again, start to romance and WOO each other, highlight the positive of your love.
  10. What about the Kids?   Kids are so innocent, refrain from sharing your problems with your KIDS or projecting your feelings onto them. They only need to be KIDS, so love them and let them be.
  11. Be quiet : Stop revisiting the DRAMA of the event, how this one was wrong or that one. Take full responsibility for your actions. Make lasting amends in your attitude and changing you.
  12. NO Quick fixes : Healing is a JOURNEY, your relationship will never be the same, but you can choose to build on a Solid Foundation of LOVE. Love, we seek it, it is what gives LIFE meaning, do the Inner work and focus on healing, repairing and becoming WHOLE.
  13. Struggle with Your Purpose : Your greatest purpose is to be happy, no one can tell you what that is, Only you can decide it. Let LOVE be your Guiding Light, may your heart be healed, may your gentle spirit, soar.


I hope this helps you on your Journey! Do come see me : 084 603 0604:










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