Social Media = Distraction = Disconnected from Human Contact

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I will be the first to admit that I have facebook before I have breakfast and so many other people do to.

I joined facebook in 2008, when I lived in India, so I could keep in contact with friends and family. I shared pictures of my life and journeying on.

At 5am in the morning, people are on facebook, checking to see whats happening? Me too….:-(

Weekends facebook is boring because people are exercising their free will and being free, and doing what they love.

From Monday to Wednesday it is the ‘moaning’days : all forms of vomiting on Facebook is acceptable, liked, acknowledged from disasters to break ups.

By Wednesday facebook becomes motivating. People post things of inspiration.

By Friday everyone is happy for the weekend. By Saturday and Sunday the fun pictures of posings appear and people look happy.

Social Media = is a distraction = Disconnects us from human living.

Our phones has become an addictive substances, you cannot see it or feel it because who doesn’t get excited with a flickering light, someone demanding attention. Someone interrupting your thoughts, someone interrupting a moment of living.

I have started disciplining myself to leave my phone on charge and to answer the messages when I get to it. My corporate conditioning has taught me to be super efficient in answering calls and messages because it was a LIFE and Death situation. In this day and age, reading a message later, is ok, it is not LIFE threatening.

I asked myself to become mindfully aware of hugs and kisses.

To read a book : I am reading the Highly sensitive and 40 rules of love.

When I go for a walk, I observe nature, everything has a pattern, a cycle a deeper awareness of living, there is NO distraction.

A sunrise, A sunset is beautiful.

I don’t want my awareness to be subdued by a object like a cell phone, so I will miss out on living.

Eat your meal without your phone, be present.

So put your phone away and become more active in your LIFE.

Give more hugs and love.

Talk face to face.

Look into another persons eyes, interact and be present, fully.

Stop reading newspapers, stop the radio, stop the TV, reduce facebook and twitter.

Do use them as social media tools  . . .


Let us become the people who value living more than using.




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