Massage and Reiki and all sorts of goodness at Midlands House of Healing

Clever Bird Banter

If you follow Midlands Musings and indieBerries, this wont be the first time that you hear about the pure magic experienced in the hands of Colleen at Midlands House of Healing. I’ve actually mentioned her myself, here, where I spoke about my offer to “skill swap” with her and have since been helping her to create a more consistent web presence through the use of her new logo/identity, a new website, and a new matching look for her blog and Facebook page.

Anyway, Colleen’s part of our bargain was to fix me 😉

photo3THIS IS COLLEEN {I stole this picture from you Keri – hope you don’t mind, one of the nicest ones I’ve seen of Colleen, love it!}

If you ever see me walking around the local shopping centre or out and about, it’s likely that I’ll have a toddler on my…

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