We are beautiful. Beauty is found in the rising of the sun.

Beauty is in your attitude of genuine concern, friendliness and happiness for another.

Beauty is having a glowing smile.

Beauty is wanting to serve, to mend the broken.

Beauty is not seen but felt deeply within your heart.

Beauty  is one of the wonderful gifts of having an open heart.

We need to stop more and enjoy the pleasures of being.

Resting and absorbing the beauty around us.

Beauty of listening to a song that we love.

Beauty of making someone tea after a hard day.

Beauty of hugging your loved one, giving comfort.

Beauty of looking deeper within and knowing that it will be ok.

Beauty of meeting someone amazing who shines brightly far and wide.

Beauty of knowing that good will always overcome the bad.

Beauty of gratitude of great Spirit.

Beauty of the Universe that we are connected to a great source of Magic with  Love.

Knowing that beauty is not contained in a shape or size, but a heartfelt feeling of

Loving oneself.

Beauty of loving unconditionally because You can and want to.

Beauty of overlooking the flaws of humanity and knowing that only you can change you.

Beauty of Being beautiful even when its hard, tough, intense but it will bring forth a greater strength within.

Beauty of knowing your self worth of being a amazing human being, to be you.

by Colleen van Heerden




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