8 Signs You’re a Shaman

1. You enjoy puzzling out and solving mysteries

A Shaman’s job is to get to the bottom of an often long held mystery of the human body and Spirit. . . and solving it. Love puzzling out and solving mysteries – from mundane to sensational, from watching crime shows to the very end, to figuring out who left a secret gift on your coworker’s desk?

A Shaman uses this skill and interest, translating it to healing and providing solutions to others.

2. You like to psychologically or emotionally evaluate others

A mystery of another form, if you find yourself trying to figure out and understand the issues that another faces (from the perspective of a desire to provide more compassionate care and support) in a way, this is figuring out a better way to provide healing to someone else.

You’re figuring out the way that you, or anyone, can provide the best support as someone else heals and navigates a difficult journey.

A Shaman has to find the root cause of an issue, and provide guidance and tools to best support another in their journey.

3. You commonly make excuses for those that you love – always choosing the more compassionate explanation

You always try to approach a difficult situation from the perspective of compassion. If someone else you know or love, fails in some way, lets down expectations, doesn’t keep promises, or struggles to keep their end of the bargain, you always give a second chance.

You always offer a compassionate and kind hearted explanation. You see the potential of a inner heartache and pain, and you shine your light of kindness upon it.

A Shaman understands that most deviations from ideal self, times where one struggles, and times promises are not upheld, are almost always reflective of an inner healing journey underway.

4. You involve yourself in problem solving, planning, and strategy

You excel at planning, finding solutions, and always having a strategy to navigate a situation. You frequently run through game plans and outlines of events in your mind, and see the idea through to the end with several possible outcomes. Shamans need to be able to come up with solutions on the fly, and quickly develop a strategy. A healing is an unfolding journey, each one different than the last, with a new path to traverse to achieve healing, and a new direction to take.

A Shaman needs to be able to quickly create a strategic plan of action, in the moment.

5. You’re really good at matching scents to memories or scenes

You have an excellent memory for scents, sounds, and sensations – easily able to match them with the appropriate scene. This is a sign of clairvoyance, a psychic ability often integral to Shamanism. You are able to match an idea, with an image. Create a picture to match the sensation you experience. If you’re able to describe it with ease, even better.

A Shaman needs to provide vivid imagery and descriptions of the scenes perceived during a healing, and it provides the client with an easily tangible example what’s going on, as having a picture, often makes the healing easier to bring into the physical world – with a physical world example.

6. You intuitively know what needs to be added to a recipe or what’s missing from a meal

This is an element of creativity, and it’s trait that’s directly linked to the degree of your connection of your own inner Spirit. Creativity comes from your Spirit, and generally, the more creative you are – the more spiritually connected you are. A Shaman performs the healing at the level of spirit, connecting their Spirit, with your Spirit, and Spirit above.

As a Shaman, you need to be strongly connected to your own inner Spirit, and well honed recipe creation and perfection is a sign of creativity.

7. You enjoy pondering and evaluating your day

Evaluating and pondering your day is a type of integration. At the end of the evening, you enjoy taking a moment (or moments) to reflect and consider all that’s gone on in your day. You consider the lessons learned, the things you would do differently next time, and the highlights, carefully walking through each transitional moment, great and small. Some may call this fretting, but you can do so peacefully, objectively and reflectively.

A Shaman emphasizes the need for integration and consideration – for themselves and for others, as it’s essential to healing and growth as an individual.

8. You have interest in Shamanism or alternative healing

You’re reading this list right now and you’ve clicked on the link. You’ve always been intrigued, even just a little, by non westernized or modern medicine based healing modalities. You’ve always postulated that there could be truth and legitimacy in these methods, and you’ve acknowledge their ability to help others. You believe in the power of positive attitude, mood, and energy.

A Shaman needs to be called, subtly or strongly, to the art of their craft.

If one or more of these things sound like you, you may unknowingly be a Shaman or Shamana.


With love,



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