Finding your Sacred Space

Sacred space


As a child I loved going to my Catholic church. I loved the wafting of the frankincense during mass.

I loved the intention of prayer over the holy waver, I loved the lifting of the challis in dedication to God. The altar was special, decorated with flowers and silk cloth.

When I became a charismatic born again Christian, the sacred space changed to the igniting of the holy spirit and speaking in tongues, during praise and worship, a flowing of the magic.

As I grew into becoming a Reform Jew, the sacred space changed to a deeper magic of praying in Hebrew of feeling the “Ha-Shekinach”the female spirit of God, which was felt when the Rabbi read from the Torah, when I was called to pray in Hebrew and blessed by this experience.

Many years later, I have felt the sacred spaces in Temples, tombs, ashrams and when people pray with a genuine heart, this is where love and sacred spaces reside.

All of this was my sacred and holy space.

Every day I create a sacred space in my healing room.

I pray a week in advance, I waft incense with special signs into my room.

I prepare my altar of the massage bed as a sacred space, awaiting magic.

To pray, to heal, to serve, to create magic of love, with infinite healing possibilities.

I know that I am the vessel, and the magic of the LOVE resides within ourselves.

This healing which is ignited by LOVE, will heal the body within.

The door will open, the magic will flow and you will leave feeling better, whole, you a new.

This is my sacred space of magic which I create everyday!

A new body, a renewed soul, to serve, to help, to love.

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