New beginnings with Claire :

New beginnings


The first week of my new year began with a visit to Colleen at Midlands House of Healing*. The year had turned over but parts of me were left behind. New beginnings don’t come guaranteed. They require open space into which to blossom, which means letting go of the old.

After the indulgences and chaos of the holidays, it was bliss to lie down, breathe out and let Colleen wash me clean. Within a few strokes, with the right crystals and spirit flowing through her hands, Colleen had me feeling freshly laundered and crisp. But as the music and smells of incense and oils swelled around me, I sunk deeper into the moment, into the warmth of its love and acceptance. She was remaking me into the best version of myself. The tension of unforgiven unforgotten memories dissolved and a seed of truth planted itself into the loosened soil of my soul. The truth that the future and past are never ours to own. They are places that we can visit in our dreams, but our only rightful home is in the present. Beneath Colleen’s expert hands my body became putty and my heart and mind melted to match. I was there in that deep beautiful endless answering moment.

On the eve of the new year I had taken 2015 into my mind and grasped at words to describe it. But they remained just beyond my reach. The more I fumbled for them the further they tumbled into the abyss. I couldn’t review the old. I couldn’t make it neat or drag any order from its swirling mess. It was, as life and nature always are, a landscape of change. It had careened down rocky slopes and climbed inexorably up grassy hillsides. It held beauty and tragedy, excitement and boredom, shock and expectation. It held everything and nothing I could hold in my hand. No crystal gems of clarity. Memories and dreams clouded my mind like a soft winter’s mist. But there in that moment, the summer sun played strong and bright at the curtained windows. Outside the raspberry bushes hung heavy with fruit, the cicadas sang, and diamonds raced across the water. I was everywhere and nowhere. I had no need of identity, goals or ambition. I was wrapped in a cocoon of love, drifting without tether.

Whoever you are dear reader, wherever you read these words, have you taken this moment that is yours? This moment right now cupped in your palms is a treasure entirely your own. Drink deep and know what peace is.

*This post was sponsored. To book a session with Colleen and find your own new beginning, call or message her on 0846030604, or follow the link in the sidebar. She is located outside of Howick but can also perform distance healing.


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