Addicted to your pain ?

Pain 2


We all experience pain differently. Some can discuss their pain. Some carry their pain and others.

Some pains are stored. Some pain is evident. The thing about pain either emotional or physical pain or psychological

is that it can be fixed, repaired and healed. PAIN is thus our greatest teacher.

Your body communicates LOUDLY to you with PAIN.  Pain makes you aware of an imbalance

in your body, whether its spiritual or emotional. Within this pain there is LOVE !



Pain once released is replaced with LOVE and Wholeness.

Like releasing tension and pain from a sore muscle, it heals itself.

Don’t be attached to the PAIN, you get addicted to the ‘feeling’of pain sensation when

you refuse to address or release it.

Pain is inevitable sometimes, but SUFFERING is Optional.

Want a painfree body?  Book your session with me  084 603 0604!




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