8 years after India

Indian 2008 8India 2008

Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India has changed me.

Working and living at the Auroville Earth Institute within Auroville, changed me. Satprem Maiini was a big influence in my life.

I was faced with my shadow self and my detoxing from the corporate world, which I knew.

Working on site to make bricks for project Realization, cycling 20 km a day and sweating my ass off, definitely played a role in changing my view of life.

I saw poor people. I sat on the floor and ate. I visited a Ashram in Pondicherry. I felt the presence of unconditional love.

I had my tarot read by a parrot on my birthday. I got my nose pierced in a dodgy place and didn’t even shed a tear.

I laughed. I ate. I learnt to drive a motorcycle, in India.

India lives in my heart and every year, it calls to me, my heart yearns for the wild passionate, heart felt people there.

India taught me that I can do anything I choose. I am responsible for whatever I create, good or bad.

I found my true self there. I learnt to love myself, whatever shape or size I am.

I learned to Laugh more, to live in this magical moment of life.

I learnt to sing to the stars and enjoy the moonlight.

I learnt about true friendship, for others and that we are all connected.

I became more me. I discovered that I wasn’t a doormat and that I am a fierce warrior, I will fight for what I believe in.

I will protect those I love and I will do all I can, if its in my power to assist.

The line of big heartedness and warrior is thin and sometimes the fire will escape and you ll get burnt.

I learnt about being a Goddess within, a powerful woman of magic, a force within myself.

I was uncomfortable, I was eaten by mosquitos, I grew a fungus in my ear, I laughed, I embraced every aspect of every moment because I could feel my soul growing as the sweat dripped off my body.

I knew deep within that this experience will help me define who I am, what I stood for.

Every day was a learning curve, a new journey of challenges to overcome.

Every day we learnt more about a culture, the depth and deepness to understand and be part of the bigger picture of humanity.

I have visited this space 3 times in my life and every time, I have grown stronger in Character because I was uncomfortable, because I challenged myself to look deeper than the surface and I begun to SHINE!


Find your journey! Find Your Spirit, begun a new chapter this 2016!

visit : http://www.auroville.org    – Go live a little more.




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