Are we born gay?

Gay woman

I once read a book explaining how the hormones of the pregnant

mother affects the sexual orientation of the baby. I immediately felt so bad,

because my religious upbringing portrayed it, to be evil or a curse, well it is not so.

Once, I had read this, I felt a deeper compassion for gays, lesbians, trans-sexual beings.

Being Gay isn’t easy, so who would choose it? No -one, if they think about it, would?

You are judged by religious people, judged by your family, rejected,

ridiculed just because of your sexual orientation. Wow!

I first met a gay hair dresser when I was 5 years old.

“She was friends with my mom, she dressed fabulously, her hair, make up,

clothes were impeccable. She walked with grace and flowed like a  dove.

I thought that she was beautiful. I was 5, I had no clue as to what gay was.

When I told my grandmother about how beautiful she was, my aunt said,

she was gay! She was a man. I was horrified at how someone so gorgeous

could be stuck in a mans body, I felt sad for her and how difficult it must be

for him.(that was in the 80’s)  Compassion this is all I felt then.

i am enough


Being a human being is filled with challenges.

Being a human being and gay makes it even more difficult to be embraced

by others. It seems one’s sexual orientation, is judged, without compassion.

Lets start changing the world. Lets accept more what we do not understand.

Lets judge less because babies are born with the sexual inclination already chosen.

read :

Decide to research this subject more.

Knowing that your body possess’s both male and female energy, we have immortal souls,

and we are spirit.

Does sexual orientation matter?  Is it like being a vegetarian or a vegan? which gets judged anyway?

Is it not loving and kind to just respect what we eat  and to just respect each other for what

makes us happy, without the judgement ? of doom or gloom?  (which I don’t believe in anyway)

Who can actually tell you what makes you happy, better than you.

What fulfils the void within?

What fulfils your spirit and soul.

Only you can decide what makes you happy, what fulfils the love within

and what makes you feel complete.

More love, more tolerance, more acceptance, more being your true self.

Some things cannot be explained, but only felt from the heart, it is LOVE.


giver of gratitude


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