Dear Woman, you are not a man

Body image by digilander.libero it

Dear Woman, you are not a man.

You are a woman, you have a Vagina, so you are different, YOU feel more.  

You are not weak but men would want you to believe, you are weak.

You are not. You are powerful.

You are beautiful. You are smart.

You are soft, but will fight when you need to, letting your warrior out.

You are called to serve others needs, sacrificing you.

You have taken on Womanhood, motherhood and You loose parts of yourself in serving these roles.

Don’t be afraid, you are not alone. You can be strong and ask for help.

You can say enough, I need this.

You can be vulnerable and cry.

You can share, your feelings, speak out.

You can be the amazing woman, you were born to be.

It starts with LOVING you, Nurturing you and becoming whole on the inside, loving your  heart.

Stop suppressing your female side or subduing who you are.

Walk slower, Drive slower, talk with passion. Play. Paint. Read a book.

Dress fabulously and create whatever you desire.

Enjoy the pleasures of a great lover, a friend, some good wine, eye rolling orgasms, yoga

Enjoy massages, reiki and healing.  Be You!

Life is short, don’t empty yours by forgetting who you are.

Remember, remember, you are a woman! Be a woman.

By Colleen van Heerden




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