Woman Warriors guide to : Wife, healer, Mother, Protector

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I write this blog being fully embraced the fighter, healer, wife, mother within.

I never wanted to be a Mother. I decided in my teens to refrain from  venturing down the child bearing path, but what I am finding is this does not exempt me from “mothering, nurturing, caring, assisting.”

I sometimes feel like this is a bottomless bucket of endless giving.

The rules of mothering, nurturing, caring, assisting lacks boundaries deeply.

Clear boundaries of saying NO seems absent.

Self care seems to be at the bottom of the life pyramid.

So, we give until we can give no more!  But would it not be wiser to self nurture and

Become more of an empowered warrior woman of speaking our truth when we feel tired.

When we need some nurturing and love and kindness ourselves.

My teacher used to say, there is no difference between giving and receiving, it is just a flow of energy.

In a changing world where fresh food produce has become more expensive and the ever

Lurking sound of ‘draught’ occurring, realizing that we living in the Midlands have enough water, wood, trees and most of us have access to a vegetable garden.

Knowing that we need to prepare for all Kinds of realities, which doesn’t make us negative, but empowers us to be prepared for whatever happens.

To make a agreement with ourselves:

To ground ourselves to the earth everyday, to connect with earth sky spirit.

To rest when tired : 20 min snooze everyday.

To read a book to keep our minds motivated.

To eat wholesome meals, to fuel our bodies.

To eat the chocolate or drink the wine and do the yoga.

To exercise daily, to self care.

To make time to shave, to do facials, or whatever is your pampering time.

To receive treatments of reiki and massage, to keep our balance in tact.

To journal our feelings, so we have a good relationship with our emotional self.

To learn to listen to our Intuition, to be Spirit, to be fierce.

To be protect our home by putting salt at the 4 corners of the house outside.

To place rose-quartz at the entrance and exits of our home.

To smudge our home everyday, to cleanse it.

To have nurturing salt baths to rid ourselves from fatigue.

To wear gemstones of hematite, obsidian, pietersite to protect our energy bodies.

To Stay in our own skin.

To see our partner as an equal and not the enemy.

To realize that every negative actions has a lesson to be learnt.

To realize that every PAIN, carries a soul lesson which we need to attend to.

To be better than the person, we were yesterday, because we can.

Most of all is to LOVE ourselves unconditionally, and make time for YOU!

warrior woman


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