Embracing 40!


So I turned 40 years old yesterday! All day, I was waiting for the “feeling”of 40 to arrive,

I waited for the Lightning bolt of  I am 40….No feeling of change or lightningbolt came. I felt exactly the same.

I had a few realizations though as a woman.

Ask for what you want or just make it happen ?

For my birthday’s previously, I always wanted a party with many people, but this year

I just want a small tea party with Andrea and Nicola, Wp and Raen, a normal day of  having  a tea  party.

(I totally sound old and boring! I am ok with it)

I purchased my own presents and then gave the gemstones to Raen and Wp to hand to me on

my birthday, which they did. I got exactly what I wanted!  Wp also made me a “smudge”feather

which I love! (you ll see It in my studio)

I also decided that it is time to visit my place of birth! Cape Town.

Table mountain, family, friends, beaches and enjoy the place where I am from,

so I booked a ticket with Greyhound and I will be going to Cape town on 17 March 2016. (for 1 week)

I have also enrolled with Healing hands for my Counselling Course. I received my course

material on Sunday and I LOVE THE course already, I almost completed Lesson 1.

What I have learnt on this journey of turning 40 :

  1. Ask for what you want or just make it happen! simple. You are the boss!
  2. Become stylish at 40, wear what is comfortable not fashionable.
  3. Be light of heart, Laugh often.
  4. Smile everyday! life is short, don’t waste it.
  5. Amplify the good. It is so easy to just hack onto the negative, watch yourself.
  6. Discipline : Eat what you love, go walking and sing in the rain.
  7. Make love :  Pleasure is not excluded from living a Spirit LIFE, its In clu ded.
  8. Have fun  : make everyday count.
  9. Time : Spend more time living, less time on your cell phone.
  10. Read more : I am loving reading more and more, I love being a book worm.
  11. LOVE, forgive, Let go : Life is precious. Love but protect YOU!
  12. Healing : To give or receive is sacred and special, boost you with a massage or reiki session.
  13. Fuzz therapy : I have 2 cats who are crazy, but so lovable and cuddly, they are my fuzz therapy.
  14. Music : instantly changes your vibrations, dance and be free everyday.
  15. Say Thank you and Please and mean it.
  16. Practise using the word NO ! No ! No ! Say no first……
  17. KISSES  : often and Hugs more please….
  18. Stay in your own SKIN! love yourself, Accept yourself, be your truth.



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