a s k h o l e ? A problem for every solution



A problem for every solution :

Every soul lesson learnt is a growing within, spiritually.

Every uncomfortable scenario presents itself, in order to Master your body, your attitude, your energy and emotions, you learn to persevere and endure, so you can grow.

If you  subscribe to the train of thought of being comfortable always, of “seeking a good time”, your focus is to live a 5 sensory life : What you eat, drink, satisfy your senses, hearing, feeling and this is not a spiritual life.

A spirit filled life is being conscious and aware of every moment of everyday.

Waking up early to connect with earth spirit.

Taking long walks and deep breathes.

Praying to the Divine and having a OPEN Universal connection to the Divine.

Meditating on LIFE and your life purpose.

Being grateful and thankful in your attitude, words and deeds for every moment.

Taking stock of every emotion you feel :  Ensuring that you are not JUDGING, taking it personally, assuming or blaming anyone, as the Responsibility of your life, lies 100% with you.

If we are immortal souls having a spiritual journey, we should passionately embark on living our truth and speaking it, and refrain from living a dualistic existence which promotes lies and deception.

If we keep finding problems for every solution the problem thus lies within ourselves either to keep self sabotaging our life or to just not live up to our TRUE potential, thus the onus of life exist with ourselves to be ask holes”, drawing energy from others and being a psychic energy vampire, instead of tapping into the Universal energy and cultivating a Spiritual Life, inside and outside of ourselves.

Living a Spiritual life is hard, it takes dedication and commitment, but the rewards are so much more.

A fulfilled life of living your life purpose, soul fulfilling.








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