Preparing for Travelling as a Empath

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I booked my greyhound bus ticket to Cape Town, just before my 40th Birthday, in February 2016.

I left Cape Town in 2008 and I have not looked back, simply because my life has been busy.

Busy moving, busy building, busy setting up my practise, busy establishing myself, busy working on myself and trying to find out who and what I am. I felt, I could not be around family to do that, because it was an inside job.

A job that only I could do, with the help of Willem.

Now, going back to Cape town, to feel :  Table mountain, to feel the energy of the city again, I am both excited and apprehensive.

For the last month, I have been preparing myself.

I have sent energy ahead to the bus driver, to the passenger beside me, to the family reconnection and reunion. I have done an inner detox of old wounds of forgiving and forgetting.

I have worked on a physical detox of drinking my 1l of green juice every day and I have been reiki ing myself every day to prepare.

I am an empath which means I feel everything. I have been dreaming, and gaining insight on what my ancestors would like me to do and I asked for the strength to do it.

I have also started packing my backpack, I pack in advance, so nothing is forgotten. 

I take out useless items,  and recheck what is really essential.

For me, the preparation for the journey is as important, as the journey itself.

Rescue remedy, Arnica tissue salts and Roman chamomile essential oil, are part of the essentials, combined with endless snacks of chocolate, water, apple juice, and at least 3 books to read on the way.

Comforts are an eye mask, sleeping music on my phone, my pillow, rose quartz for keep me safe,

and wearing hematite to keep me grounded and at ease.

Four days to go and I am still deciding what else will be necessary for my trip, as I like to be prepared for every eventuality.

Most of all, I am open to an Adventure of exploring more of me, I plan to have fun, and enjoy all the pleasurable taste-filled delights of Anat at the Waterfront, Masala dosa in Loop street, Walk the company gardens, eat Texies fish and chips, and enjoy the city and then happily return to my shire, my silence, my space renewed insight and nurturing….

Next stop Cape Town!



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