Cape Town, my 6 day bucket list

I have lived and loved the Midlands for the last 6 years, and I felt it was time to go to Cape Town.

I chose to take the Greyhound bus, so as to lower my carbon footprint. It takes 1 day to travel to Cape Town

and you are seated in a comfortable chair, with movies, your cell phone for music and

books to read and entertain yourself. (Taking a airplane is more pollution.)

I have become a country mouse. Traffic, noise, pollution,

people drama, chaos, road range, crime, homeless people, beggars are all the

things, I have run away from.

I prefer, the slow drive to Howick to do shopping.

I prefer not having to clutch my handbag to myself, to avoid being robbed.

I prefer the clean water from the mountain. I prefer silence with the chirping of the birds,

the rising of the sun, and the  slower days of Living Spirit.

That being said, I gathered all of my courage and said ok, I need to do my Cape town

bucket list at age 40.

The list was :

Drive along Chapmans peak  :
The entire journey took 6 hours of driving in total, due to local road works.

It was amazing to feel the presence of 2 oceans, to feel the energy of

being ‘home’. (Midlands is my home)






Eat Fish and Chips : We did this in Hout bay!  it was super delicious.

IMG_20160319_104426 IMG_20160322_143229

Inhale the wafting smell of fish. I grew up with this smell, it is part of my heritage.

My grandfather, used to bring home vast amounts of it and I am so grateful to these

living beings giving us life.

Go to Simonstown Gem shop : Michaela and I loved the gem shop.

It was ultra amazing to feel the stones and select the one’s we love!

IMG_20160322_121236 IMG_20160322_121246 IMG_20160322_122456 IMG_20160322_122522 IMG_20160322_122527 IMG_20160322_122534 IMG_20160322_122559 IMG_20160322_122647

Befriend a Stranger : This is SUSAN. She works at the Gypsy shop in Long street.

I entered the shop and we ended up chatting so much. She is a retired lawyer from the UK.

She lives in Muizenberg, and totally loves Cape Town.


Take Public transport :

We took a taxi from Cape Town Cbd to the Waterfront, encountering traffic, people and noise.

We then proceeded to take a train home, what a experience!   I totally got my public transport fix.



Eat Dosa and Falafel :  Dosa is a traditional South Indian meal.

It is pancake like, but the taste is super amazing! I have waited years to taste it again! chomp chomp!

In the evening I had a falafel burger topped with salsa sauce in pitta bread, it was delicious.



Lessons learnt on this journey!

Always choose to make yourself happy first, don’t people please.

Say No! when you don’t feel comfortable.

Don’t take anything PERSONALLY!

Thank you to the Crowe’s for hosting me, spoiling me, pampering me,

laughing at me, when I smudged their home! but being open to the magic of healing.

Thank you to the Chamberlain’s for making me laugh so much, thank you.

Thank you for all the gifts which made my backpack oh so heavy.

Thank you for giving me a deep sense of belonging and inspiring me once again.

Thank you to Michaela, who gave me a true sisterhood experience.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip amazing!

Thank you! for being open to the healthy alternatives of green juices.

Thank you to those who made time to connect and have a awesome reunion.

Love you to the MOON and back.
XXXX Colleen






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