I always love the smell of food cooking in my home or any home. I love the smell of fresh baked bread and the taste of it, it makes it feel like home.  I played outside as a kid yes, but mostly, I was my grandmothers taster, taste this and taste that. 

Home is where cooking and creating takes place for me, I am at home in the kitchen.

I thought I didn’t like cooking but turns out I do.

I love making delicious, vegetarian dishes that soothes the palette and the stomach.

I am a natural feeder and eater.

I love sitting around the kitchen table and have interesting conversations,

laughter, joy and a sharing of life, this is my ultimate favourite thing in the world.

It creates a sense of community, a feeling belonging to my tribe.

What I have thus realized since my return from Cape Town is, You truly cannot change others.

They are who they are. That being said, I can still breathe and I can still change whatever I want in my life.

I love myself enough to know this and to be wise and make use of the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of H’o pono pono :

I love you, I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you. (I also add in a visualisation of walking away) 

Having a big family comes with both expectations and disappointments.

Sometimes you can prepare for any situation, with sending reiki energy ahead, smudging the space and creating a space of peace but be sure that that one person will come with their drama, chaos and unconscious ego behaviour to either criticise your looks, your weight or your hair.  I chose the wise option to rebuff such comments and subsequently just dodge them.

I discovered that family is definitely who you click with, those on the same brain wave as you.

The ones who bring forth joy, fun, laughter and LOVE!  The others who are ego driven fade away.

I chose to protect my energy and just forgive, bless and LOVE! And MOVE on…

I accepted myself LONG ago, I am who I am. I happen to LOVE the imperfect me, my fuzzy hair, my stretch-marked waist, the sound of my laughter, the joy I bring to my life,  because it isn’t what I look like that will be remembered, it is how I affected others with my life that matters more.

Everyone has a story. Be sceptical but listen. Listen, read through the bullshit, the lies, the body language and then respond. Until then, just listen.  Listening brings forth a true message which can then be processed and understood.

As I go along this journey of LIFE, I continue to learn new aspects of myself, those who impacted my life the most, who taught me skills and a different way of life and I bless the people who have helped me along my path.

 Sometimes family is blood related but much more family is a heart felt connection of belonging.

A shared life-style and understanding of life, culture, tribesman and woman, something no money can buy.

 Thank you! For this awesome realization.

 Until, next time Cape town 🙂




One thought on “Acceptance

  1. Good thoughts! Love people, bless them and feel good about yourself! I learned a long time ago that you cant please people ALL the time. This could be for family or friends! Its their loss if they don’t love you for you! 🙂


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