Partnerships : Work, Home, Play . . .


My partner and I have been together for 18years. If I had gotten pregnant, we would have had a teenager by now!

We ‘ll keep trying!   Tongue in cheek!

I decided to write a blog about partnerships because we are not just partners, we are soul mates.

We are vastly different yes! An artist and a healer. His brain works in one way and my brain works in a complete different fashion, but together, we make a great team.  I support him and he supports me.

For us to have a great relationship, it does take work.

First off, we agreed a long time ago, that we are NOT allowed to scream, vent, use foul language or bad mouth each other.

We agreed that if we were to anger one another, to take a time out.

Secondly, to speak the truth, as soon as possible. If you are offended or hurt, say it, address it and then make up.

Thirdly, we work together, he supports me in my healing practise and he runs the home. When I say run the home, he does dishes, cooks, does laundry, does shopping, ensures that I eat and takes exceptionally good care of me.  It works, our roles as man and wife are reversed yes, but it works well for us. I don’t have a clue about how to decorate or sew or create art but he knows how to. I value him, I really do. He makes our space a home. Home is definitely where he is. (I am definitely feel the emptiness when his away)

Fourthly, play! We try to laugh and have fun together everyday! But sometimes, I do neglect him.

I get busy with clients, advertising, blogging, studying, answering messages, calls, emails etc and by the end of the day,

its good nite, and I hit my pillow.

I will admit, I feel guilty because my life purpose as a healer, takes up all of my life. I apologise often for the neglect and then we have a heart to heart talk and I apologise because I know I am a workaholic.

We reconnect when we talk about our feelings.

We have a romantic night and all is restored again, frustrations are put aside and we are once again on the same page.

This made me think about partners who work, play, create a home together.

Some key tools to have a awesome relationship :

Be true to yourself, your partner should know you well, both your flaws and your shine.

Speak your truth, a .s . a . p , don’t let anything build up to a mountain of frustrations and hurt feelings.

Be kind to your partner, hugs and kisses are essential.

Flirt with your partner, give them compliments frequently.

Never! But never go to bed angry, sort anything and everything out.

If you are feeling neglected, do something about it!  Create a date night, and a romantic dinner.

Decide to put away cell phones at 6pm every night, so you have time to talk and share life!

Intimacy is created by a deep understanding, give your partner that! Everyone needs to be looked in the eye, have their hands held, and rub your partners feet when you are not tired.  Appreciation goes a LONG way….

Be a good partner, listen and know your partner well. . . .




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