If you are a couple, what happens when your Aura gets synchronised?



I started experimenting with Reiki / Energy / Visualisations / Perceptual physiology, I know

quite big things to experience. I have been with my partner for 18 years, fact is, life is incomplete

without him.  We have grown, cried, lived, fought, experienced every possible emotion together, we are close.

We experience a close energy, communication, and intimacy together.

We are also both reiki masters, so we feel everything on an empathic level.

What I have learned about energy and healing, is that in a marriage, you need to work as a team,

flowing as one.   You ask How? Well, this is my 6th year where, I reiki couples individually and

then reiki them together and synchronised their aura.

What is synchronised? Well you start to communicate, flow, become more understanding with your partner, you

begin to flow as one, less disagreements, less frustration, less miscommunication. (You need to feel it…)

Everything in your relationship just flows better!

Want to book a session:  084 60 30604  Whats app me, Come experience magic.



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