Old school vs New School

Old school vs New School


I was born into the age of technology. I still remember listening to stories on the

wireless, I remember the first few months of watching the television screen for hours

before something came on. I remember the anthem being sung and when the South African flag

was raised at 12pm at night.

I remember our telephone number 0216375168, I remember my first cell phone number,

it weighed a ton, but everyone went from having a landline, to a cell phone, to a computer.

Everything has become instant in the technology world.

A variety of instants : noddles, technology, instant meals.

But  what truly makes us grow as human beings is :

Discipline : having the discipline to discern what is good for us or not.

Delayed gratification which makes us appreciate what we receive and we don’t mind waiting for it.

Manners : please and thank you!  for everyday use.

Lately, I see so many people hooked to their cell phone. (including me…)

We still need the human stuff, human interaction which the flashing light of your cell phone

does NOT give you, or the PING of your ring tone. (being needed is not love…)

Set the cell phone aside, and remember to live in this moment.

To breathe deeply.

To feel the sunrise.

To be aware that you are spirit and you need spirit things which technology, does not give you.

To live in the moments of here and now!

To look into a person’s eyes and know that they are here, and you are giving them your FULL


Be present in your life, don’t let technology, replace what you need.



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