Winter : A time to embrace your humanity

DanceWinter a time to tap deeper into yourself.

A time to embrace your humanity.

I have been re-assessing myself and where I am at?

What I still want to do with my life –

with grace, ease and synchronicity?

I definitely love the country side, I love the slow paced life of

living in tune with nature,

tapping into my “hippie” ness, which I am happy to do.

Being 40, has changed me, the switch of –

I don’t care, and I will only do what makes me happy

has been turned on.

I say NO! often, I have definitely, become more me, more selfish,

in the best possible way.

Winter brings forth a slower pace of life, the sun rises later,

the sun sets earlier, it gives us time

to drink milo or hot chocolate, to make warm fires,

to just nurture ourselves more.

I’ve decided to go with the flow, to trust in the

synchronicity of the Universe, to

embrace these aspects outside and inside of myself.


Take time to Breathe : Sit outside, …

absorb the sunlight, and take in the silence, and just be.

Have more fun! remove the stick from your ass , let go of your serious self!

Laugh out Loud more!

Have more sex! Preferably in the morning!

It will change your day for sure.

Take time to cuddle, really cuddle,

hold your partners hands and feet and just absorb it.

Snooze : When you can : Snooze more, lie in, vegetate.

DANCE! at the drop of a hat! Dance. .  Move your feet….

Sing!  I often sing with musicians and even though

I sound bad. . .  I do it anyway.

Decide to have fun! Do it. . . .  It makes the world seem less serious.

Music – Play the old school classics, The Beach boys, Jackson 5, Sade.

Talk to your partner more : Take time to connect.

Decide to age well! like a good wine.

I realized I have waited all of my life to be older, to

me old means comfortable within myself,

loved, and such a character. I think I got it!

Freak your brain out! Decide to study, I was definitely freaked..

.having to make my brain work…..

with studying counselling and psychotherapy.

Shaked the cobwebs away.

No one can steal your love or your joy, so don’t let anyone.

Writing is such good therapy for me,

it tells my story. It makes me believe in magic

of life, it makes me feel more.

Embrace winter, it brings a different kinda magic!

Remember to dress warm, go Eskimo, if you need to . .  . Enjoy all of it.


All my Love

Colleen  – Soon to be a Life coach also . . . .




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