Vegetarian, Vegan, Omnivore? You are what you eat. . . .

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If I treated my grandmother to Spur or take out, she would complain,

I mean really complain, about how the food has no love, no nurturing,

no flavour. She would return home hungry, angry and frustrated.

I misinterpreted this as her being unappreciative, but now years later, I understand.

Due to my sensitive nature, having just done my 46th Reiki Attunement

with a Level 1 Student,

I want the good stuff.

I need food made with LOVE, every flavour telling a story, every vegetable handled with

love and care! I also need the person who makes my food, to be in a good mood,


your intention goes into creating food,

your energy and your vibration. (Go research DR EMOTO)

In 2008, I visited an Ashram for my birthday in Pondicherry, I had a simple meal,

curry sauce, rice, a piece of bread and a banana. It was the most delicious meal ever!

Why, it was blessed, people chanted over the food and it was delicious.

In the same way! I want to eat amazing food,

taste amazing dishes, filled with LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Creating food with LOVE, starts with an Intention. To nurture, TO love, To fulfil and satisfy,

a soul yearning with Amazing food.

This is why I’m a foodie. . . . . . .

   I will keep sharing food, made with LOVE, made from scratch

because…I love it. . . . .




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