Are you your own boss? Make your own rules.







I have been my own boss for 9 years.

In these 9 years, I have had to learn to NOT overwork my body, mind and spirit.

Part of the learning was dealing with brochitus 3 times a year, making peace with

being born with asthma and changing my life and diet accordingly.

Overworking was part of my being, it was the normal stature of being. I used to

work 18 hours a day, I was  driven, dedicated, ambitious, crazy.

It made lots of money for the company,

but I was left overweight, unhappy, imbalanced and on the brink of cracking.

Some of the lessons, I will share with you, not to be feared, but I believe knowledge is the KEY

to making wise decisions for you…..

  1. SAY NO! As a healer, I have people request time and space and appointments, yes….but If I don’t prepare a week in advance, to receive the wisdom from the Spiritual realm, the treatment is not as effective. I might miss something, so I say NO!  and keep me happy.
  2. Don’t people Please!  It is a naïve thought to people please, to keep others happy, it is a deceptive custom.
  3. People must choose to be happy, within themselves. I cannot make you happy, You cannot make me happy.
  4. Being in Business means being self disciplined with your time. If you wanted to work all the time, go get a job. You actually want a quality of life. Read a book when you want to. Crochet. Write. Have fun. Watch series. Snooze everyday. Quality of life, is not measured by the money in your bank account.
  5. Calculate how many hours you need to work, to live the life you want to have. Paying bills = Rent, Food, Water, Electricity, Groceries, Petrol are all part of what you need. So ensure your needs are covered. Work at that goal, per week.
  6. Fear / Stress / Anxiety / Worry =  When you give into these emotions, there is no turning back. It is NOT loving, Self nurturing or uplifting, so stop getting negative on yourself and then self sacrificing you, to work harder and not smarter.
  7. Working Smarter : is being professional yes, providing a good service, doing your best and Trusting in the UNIVERSE to provide you with what you need. Ie. All your BILLS.
  8. Wake up early = 5am or earlier, take the time to pray, meditate, do yoga, and go for a walk, I cannot stress this more. When you are grounded and fit, you are able to be in a creative space of doing.
  9. LOVE what you do and affirm it everyday!  Be happy and content that you are doing your best. The moment you become bitter, angry, resentful = STOP! and take a break.
  10. The whole point of being your own boss is YOU make the RULES!   You choose to work when you do and enjoy it. You choose to have fun, laugh, be joyful and be present with what you do, otherwise, you get a job and be miserable and unhappy like most people.
  11. PUT on your big girl panties, and realize you make the rules and you decide, your attitude determines where you are going what you are doing.
  12. Divine synchronicity happens, when you are calm, happy, and in the flow of LIFE!

Feeling lost? Maybe you need a Inspired session with me, by all means, book! / Whats app 084 603 0604



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