Are you pursuing your hap-penis?



The other evening, I watched a movie called Hector and his search for happiness.

It much resembled my own search for happenis!  Why do I keep spelling it happenis? watch

the movie and see!

My pursuit for happiness, has taken me down the rabbit hole of religion, corporate jobs,

weight loss, weight gain, exercise, new clothes, new hair do, all of which never fulfilled the

hole within myself.


What has fulfilled and satisfied me is what I do, I assist others to heal which is the most

amazing thing to experience everyday.

I will share some aspects of pursuing your Happiness!

  1. Never avoid being unhappy, own your feelings. If you are sad, be sad. If you are happy be happy.
  2. Living is being joyful, kind, loving, protective of yourself, so be it, don’t wait for permission.
  3. Self acceptance : I love myself and I honour what I feel and Do, in the same way, be true to yourself, in whatever  you choose.
  4. Enjoy food, share your home, love your family (from a distance, like me) enjoy being yourself.
  5. Take care of your own. If you have a partner, care, share, nurture, look after your partner, life is short, do your best for them.
  6. Know LOVE : Really know love, have as many orgasms as you like. Have sex in weird places, I have, and the most uncomfortable is the beach….go figure our why….
  7. You are obligated to be happy. Happiness is an inside job. Everyday I cultivate this feeling of bliss. I exercise, I eat chocolate (dark of cause), I enjoy tea, I create, I play with my sound instruments, I think of new things. I act, I do, I have, I be me….
  8. I visualize what my day should be like and I do it…. . I enjoy Music.
  9. Be alive, have passion, be joyfilled, smile, laugh, giggle, share your joy.
  10. Be happy, for now you hold all the cards of creating your life, be happy! content, filled with gratitude for living.
  11. LOVE your body : All of your imperfections count for you, but don’t let it, enjoy every part of you.
  12. I give you permission to be you. Life is short. Go enjoy it.
  13. When you are happy, let NO ONE and I mean NO ONE! steal it with offers of creating your dream or doing a collaboration, I speak from Experience here, Stay with your happiness, and gladly say NO! thank you. I am good.

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