Warrior woman : Are you Seeking? lover, partner, wife, husband.

better person

Over the last 18 years, I have encountered and journeyed with many women.

Women who have gone from SINGLE, to engaged, To married and now with kids.

Every woman seeks to be loved, LONGS for that partner to fulfil her life on every level,

to sweep her off her feet. Sometimes the person we chose is based on attraction, but

woman cannot live on LOVE and Sex alone.

At the age of 21, I started thinking about the MR RIGHT for me.

I made a list : List are my thing, it encourages me to be SPECIFIC and

I ask “GOD”or the UNIVERSE for what I needed :

  1. I needed a man that respects woman, someone who could be my helper.
  2. A creative man, with an eye for detail, colour and decorating.
  3. I need a man with skills of cooking and flavour, because I had none.
  4. He needed to be strong, not just physically, but emotionally because I was /am a pain in the ass.
  5. I needed a good teacher of Life. A good driver, to teach me.
  6. A skilled man with LIFE experience. eg. Chop wood, give me advice.
  7. A partner to share my mad skills with and to be my MacGyver, as at that stage, I was clumsy and broke a lot of household items. EG. car handles, shower heads, etc.
  8. I needed someone to care for me, when I get sick.
  9. I needed a good lover, friend, partner, someone I COULD RELY ON, 100%.
  10. I NEEDED to trust him with my life, and I do.
  11. I needed to share laughter, fun, life, mishaps, every aspect of life.
  12. I needed someone to do laundry, as back then, I didn’t do laundry, so he volunteered.
  13. I needed to be me, free! 150%.

I made this list, not knowing all of what life brings, but knowing, I needed a strong-willed

fiery, NON-BORING, man who would be there for me unconditionally.

I write this blog, asking woman to STAND up, for what you want, refrain from

being a VICTIM of  life or your partner.

If you want appreciation, ask for it.

If you want great sex, ask for it.

If you share a business, make sure you get paid.

YOU make the rules, don’t be afraid to be who you are, a woman warrior.

Woman have ruled tribes, raised families, run business’s, and we keep all of it,

TOGETHER!   we are it…..

Accept the responsibility for your life and for your choices.

If your partner is not what you want, either ask for CHANGE or

CUT ties and MOVE on.

Life is short, don’t spend a minute being Unhappy!

LIVE your life, by your choices.


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