The world of the warriors – 5th Agreement



The world of the warriors is the world of trying.

We try to change the world that we don’t like, and we keep trying, and trying and trying,

and the war looks endless. In the dream of the warriors, we are in a war, but that war is not against

other people. It has nothing to do with the outside dream. The whole thing is happening inside our

mind. Its a war against the part of our mind that makes all the choices that guide us into personal hell.

It’s a war between the authentic self and what we call the tyrant, the big Judge, the book of law, the belief system. It’s a war between ideas, between opinions, between beliefs. I also call it the war of the gods because all thse ideas fight for dominion of the human mind. And just like the gods of antiquity, they claim a human sacrifice.

The 5th Agreement : By Don miquel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz with Janet Mills


Learning? this seems to be my endless journey of life. Growing, Learning. Sorting.

Realizing. Thinking. doing. Acting. Rectifying. Forgiving. Saying I am sorry. Being Grateful. awareness.

What’s been happening?

Reiki Attunement : no. 46 :

I have been teaching a beautiful spirit Reiki Level 1 : This means I am energetically connected

to this person for +- 6 weeks, I protect, nurture, highlight issues and carry their karma,

which means I feel their pain, I sleep when they sleep. I feel their deep soul yearnings.

Sometimes, its good and sometimes not.  This is the path of a Teacher, you roll with the punches

and know that in a blink of an eye, it will be over, and you can see the Greater good, that’s why I do it.


Distance healing:

I have been performing distance healing for various people in Cape town and Jhb.

I have found that people forget, that we are energy beings. If you share bodily fluids ie.

kissing, oral sex, sex, sexual intercourse, there is a connection, which you need to CUT off with a

Stainless steel knife : front, back, side, top and under feet  – of  your aura. Smudge to cleanse your

aura. If unusual things exist, go for a healing / or psychic reiki removal of that person.

If you are living a spirit filled life, and you sleep with someone who is not, well be prepared

to feel like Sh*t. Your vibration is HIGHER than theirs, so they will happily take your energy.

Meditate, reiki, go for walks and avoid this scenario, if you can. The price is to high to pay….


Embracing your pain, called disappointment :

This is one of the things I struggle with, D I s a ppointment = I expect people to be good people.

I expect people to kind, loving, genuine, truthful, good soul people, BUT more and more, I find this is NOT

the case. I have encountered “horrible” people which breaks my heart, which disappoints me and

it takes a while for my heart to heal. Why? I am learning to keep blessing, forgiving, releasing those that are

negative. I am learning to say NO and mean it. I am learning to withdraw my energy from those who are NOT

on the same wave length, lifestyle, or spiritual vibration because, You’ll get tired of the

moaning, complaining, negative vibrations = drama.  These type of situations, makes one loose your joy, your love for life and your happiness. Sometimes, it brings forth a deep lesson, where you need to stand up and say no more.

Or Just refrain from these types of scenarios, become selfish. Reaffirm who and what you are with LOVE

and Gratitude, then journey on…



My last 2 interns have been BIG learning curves for me.

Teaching these interns to be responsible, spiritual adults, like raising kids from scratch.

Basics of socialising, living with others, basic considerations of life and responsibility.


Basics of discipline and self care.  It has been nothing short of interesting, learning about

my limits of being a Teacher. I realized that I become a Mother, Teacher, Sorta outa,

Doctor, healer in these scenarios. Every intern came with a BUCKET of Stuff to sort, which

does get sorted out.


I keep growing in my self awareness and see what I keep reflecting.

I am becoming a hobbit, loving my space, my silence, my ability to create more, to tap into the

Universal energy to learn more and observe more.


Journeying on….







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