Seeking a partner? Use your head




How to find a partner? Husband? Wife? Lover?

In this day and age of Technology, Tinder, Whats app, Facebook, Twitter,

what we TYPE holds an emotion, combine this with the female brain of expecting something

amazing, we are prepared for either BLISS or Doom with heart break.

I can only speak from my experience of being a woman, of having experienced heartbreak

a few times. NOW! I have become a warrior, I speak up, I be myself 100%.

What You see, is what you get.  BUT I digress.

Here is your how to?

  1. Clean out your home, wallet, your car, your space, get rid of anything that does not serve your highest good.
  2. Get rid of any items from your ex, write down the anger, burn the page, MOVE on.
  3. Make a list of what you want in a man : 2.1 Intelligent, Laughter, Smiling, Fun, a Excellent LOVER (willing to train a newbie also), 50 orgasms a session, a Social person, a helper, a fixer, a cook, a sounding board for myself.
  4. Go on dates. Meet other friends, seek out your new partner.
  5. Write your I want list and put rose quartz around it and imagine meeting the person daily.
  6. KNOW that social media  – texting is NOT real. Relationships are grown with REAL emotions, not emoticons, Not Fake hugs, NOT “play”tales of untruths on it. You need body language, mannerisms, someones voice, to truly form a bond.
  7. Be aware of the risk of meeting ONLINE.  Always meet in a public place when you do.
  8. Make sure you DONT want to change anyone to Suit You or fix or mother them.
  9. Ensure you are Like Minded, into the same stuff. If your a vegetarian – make sure he will tolerate your habits as a veggie eater, ensure his considerate, it will be a Pain in the ass, if he doesn’t.
  10. Living a spirit filled life, if you practise Yoga, Awareness, Spirit, Reiki, massage and he doesn’t, in this case different doesn’t work because he ll just think your weird. You are ok, being weird.
  11. Know your Self worth. Remember to practise : Don’t judge, Speak your truth, don’t blame or assume, don’t take anything personally.
  12. Speak Up, don’t conform to just NOT hurtíng his feelings, remember your are trying to build a relationship, not a friendship. The sooner you address things, the better.
  13. We all have likes and dislikes, ensure that you both  can compensate equally.
  14. Be strong in who you are. Part of a relationship is 1 part Friendship, 2 part a great sexual attraction. Ensure that you get both as a woman. Don’t have sex to soon, investigate him for at least a year before you embark on a sexual and energetical sharing because there is NO going back, you ll have a connection forever.
  15. Remember people lie. If you drink water, eat healthy, refrain from alcohol, your vibration is HIGHER than most, be aware that you are different and that you can be PICKY and choosy. Always check what their 5 year plan is.
  16. Protect your heart. Do not give it to anyone. Its like giving your life force away and wishing they don’t break your heart.  Love but be detached. Love but be wise. Love but don’t be naiive. Love but be aware.


Happy Hunting!





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