Journeying . . . out of the pain, into your light . . ?



I started on this healing journey, I started with Reiki, then massage now

counselling/ psychotherapy. What I am learning is that a combining of

intuition, clairvoyance, empath qualities, healing knowledge and counselling is so

interesting. Sometimes we cannot see or feel the wounds within the mind and the psyche.
Sometimes the wounds run so deep, we need to slowly work our way to the beginning of the

trauma, grief, divorce, hurt, depression = all part of  life.

I have started doing some Reiki/ Counselling sessions, the effects are healing and wholesome.

I realize it is good to have knowledge, but it is also good to keep growing and learning a new perspective.

Counselling is accepting every human being as they are, for every person to grow without restriction,

total freedom and equality, to be themselves, without hindrance or conditioning from anyone.

Just digesting that takes a moment, to realize we have all been conditioned by

Parents, School, Religion, Society, Friends, Siblings, Girlfriends / Boyfriends.

We have all explored Love, Hurt, heart break and realize that on some level we need to heal.

Counselling is not an exact science but long term effects impact lives, and by changing one person,

they affect other people around them.

Shifting your consciousness more to awareness, positivity, enlightenment and growth,

than staying in the same old tired anxious pattern of negativity.

Interesting? Makes you think hey!

Have a warm Wednesday!

XXX> Col





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