I know you!



I place my hand upon your body, it tells a story.

I know you, I feel your spirit.

It speaks of fear, a longing, a tale. It speaks of aches deep within, scars hidden away,

maybe a lost child, maybe a longing for your lover. It speaks. Sometimes you hear it,

sometimes it subdued by life’s needs, it keeps talking.

I feel the memories, The past, The present, The future. I see the path.

I feel the pain, the unhealed scars, the hurt, I remove it, I ask your body to heal, to be loved and whole again.

The pattern is created, a pathway of pain which should be love.

I try, I push, I stir, I hold your hand to feel the pain but choose to show you LOVE.

The darkened areas, hide the truth, you hide from. I turn on the light, I let the love in.

I See the darkness, I am not afraid, I ve lived with it, now, I choose the LIGHT, the Love, the

Highest good, the Love path.

I know you need to choose it, but the pain grabs hold of your heart and you turn away.

I know you, I know your spirit, I knew you when you first walked, the first time you breathed

in the womb, I know its hard, but choose Love, choose you because I know you.

Ive seen your tears, heard your cries, I know you want to heal because your hearts says you will.

I wait for you to see what I see, a shinning you.

A whole you.

A you so loved that you become more of you.

I wait.

I know you, and I wait.




4 thoughts on “I know you!

  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Sending love and light!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


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