P l e a S u r e !



P l e a S u r e !

We run from it. We hide from it.

But we need it.

The pleasure of having a spinach pie with gravy and chips, when hungry.

The pleasure of a multiple orgasm.

The pleasure of a funny book.

The pleasure of a good movie.

The pleasure of a home cooked meal.

The pleasure of music playing.

Pleasure. It is a part of our spirit, to have Love, Joy, Happiness, Pleasure.

We eat healthy, we drink the green juice for life but NOTHING prevents us from dying.

Death is the end!  For now, I choose to live.

Living to me is Loving my life.

Loving me, Accepting me, as is.

Finding Pleasure makes it all possible. I cannot just be the “good”, because

a part of me wants the “bad”, the eating of chocolate, because I am human.

Pleasure is never bad.

Pleasure is somehow part of who we are, HUMAN!



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