Healing Therapies on Offer :



Swedish Massage – De-stress, Relax, Rejuvenate Your Body: 
Hot stone back and neck – R200
Hot stone back of body – R300
Hot stone full body – R450

Intense Deep Tissue Work:
Hot stone sport massage with cupping – R450

Release, Forgive, Love Massage:
Kahuna massage / Hawaiian lomi lomi deep tissue – R500

One Day Extreme Detox:
Swedish repair massage, Reiki and Kahuna massage – R1500

Mom & Baby Massage:
Pregnancy massage: intuitively linking the two and relaxing the body, to reduce swelling – R450

Couples Massage:
Teach your partner to massage you, promoting intimacy and love – R450

Reiki with Crystals and Sound Healing:
To balance your chakras, reduce stress, heal the inner child, balance female and male energies – R320

Distance Healing Program (Also available for Mom and baby)
7 x sessions from anywhere in the world – 1hr of set relaxation time required
R200 per day

House or Office Clearing
Clearing of space/negative energy; boosting vibration to abundance – R400Assisting Pregnancy

A Journey of creation; boosting aura with Reiki to bring forth new life – R500Crossing Over : Sickly

Do you have a loved one whose struggling and suffering? Assisting with healing and letting go into the Spiritual realm – 7 days x


What is Psychotherapy/ Counselling? 

Psychotherapy covers the basic nature of being human.
Love, hate, birth, death, sexuality, power and the vast complexities which sway the hearts of men and women.

What is the vision of Counselling or Coaching as a Life coach?

Every human being is of value and that it is important that every individual should be able to develop his own personality in an unrestricted and complete way. To be Free!

How does this influence being human?

Chemistry influences how people think and what people think, influences how we are. How we think, so we are.

What can be addressed in a session?  (R300 per session)

Every aspect of being human.
Anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, changing you, growth.
Being more positive in your life.
Achieving goals. Staying focused in the now.
Grief. Divorce. Trauma. Fear.  Sadness.
Birth. Abuse. Sexual abuse.

Want to book a session?
Contact : Colleen van Heerden 084 6030 604
Email: midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com

Friends of MHOH

Friends of Midlands House of Healing / Useful Links

Useful Websites


Shihaam Peck (Cape Town Kahuna massage)


Clever Bird Banter
Nicola Tweed
I Love The Midlands
Che Dyer Yoga
Wellness With Taryn
Growing Free
We Are The Wildflowers


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