Soul Resuscitation by Shane @

Soul resuscitation

When I rocked up for my reiki appointment with Colleen at Midlands House of Healing, I was a wreck.

Make that roadkill.

Some of the people who know me could see I was taking some “strain”. Sleep deprived, with zits (always a win) and a cold I’d had for 3 weeks. Mum burnout. It’s no joke.

But Colleen just knew, immediately, before I’d said a word, that I was also angry, depressed, fearful, tearful, not connected with myself. Which made her laugh.

I told her I’d pretty much been feeling like a husk of my former self for 11 months (since the Jumping Bean was born).

She laughed even harder.

In fact, she laughed so hard she was bent over double … gasping for air. “11 MONTHS!? You put yourself through 11 months of THIS?!”

I didn’t have to tell her I hadn’t made any time for myself and had neglected my meditation and yoga (but I did anyway). This time she laughed so hard she actually had tears running down her cheeks.

The woman was incredulous.

Right away, she knew me. Colleen is one of the most intuitive, compassionate beings I have ever come across. She immediately perceived that I have a frightfully well developed inner compass. I know when something in my life is off. Or needs attention. I know the importance of self-care. I’m the first one to kick one of my friends up the naught when she hasn’t been looking after herself. I get MAD when I see mothers neglecting themselves. I know that when I am happy, everyone in my family is happy. And vice versa.

And yet. There I was. Up shit creek and heading for the rapids. Not taking my own advice. For almost a YEAR. Which was funny.

Oh and also, I am an empath. A highly sensitive person. Emotionally porous. I absorb other people’s energy. Including negative energy. I feel what others are feeling. Which can often be heavy, man. Straight away Colleen saw that I was voluntarily carrying the kak of a ridiculous number of people. I just couldn’t stop feeling all this pain and worry.

Anyway, I didn’t want that amazing reiki session to end.

Afterwards, I felt freer. And me-er. After a year in the wilderness, I actually saw my husband again with the same eyes that first spotted him 9 years ago across a crowded beer tent on the eve of Ramadan in Dubai.

(Admittedly I did have a day or two of feeling vulnerable and cringing at what I had done to get myself into this hond-breakfast, but then I actually frigging forgave myself, and felt lighter and more grounded).

Welcome to getting past gatvol. (Just in case you don’t know what gatvol means). 

Since returning to Joburg, I asked Colleen to do a distance healing for me and the Jumping Bean. Woah. Hold the iPhone, I know that sounds weird. How the heck does it work? Well, energy can be felt across a bajollion kilometers, we all know that. (Like when you think of someone, and then you get a Whatsapp from them?) This experience was truly amazing. There is much more ease in our lives and, its crazy, Jumping Bean has been an absolute little sunbeam ever since.

I am excited again.

Reiki is a healing technique to restore physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. It’s about channeling and rebalancing energy and unblocking the chakras of the body.

Contact Colleen here. 





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